Friday, October 06, 2006

OMG!! I totally have a blog you guys!

...I'd totally forgotten. Alright, I hadn't forgotten, but y'know. Busy living life and stuff. Okay, so that's no excuse, but you have to understand, I Am Very Lazy. I started this blog when I was unemployed, because I needed something to do, but now I'm like working and stuff, I have less time for blogging because I need all my spare time for watching TV and worrying about the end of the world. And turning 30.

Oh yes, turning 30. Ick. The French Fancy and I were watching a TV program a few months ago about modern motherhood, and we both suddenly realised, that as it was less than 9 months to our birthdays, We Would Not Have Our Children In Our 20s. Neither of us were planning to have children any time soon, but still...It was a shock. We will officially not be young mums. Which doesn't exactly bother me, as Chairman Ma was 41 when she had me (and 43 when she had The Advocate) But still, there is a sense of doors being closed. Options changing. I don't know if I can get pregnant the normal way anyway as I have PCOS, which has never bothered me before - but recently it has.

Anyway. You are all invited to the party to celebrate all this age related angst. Sometime next February.


Anonymous belchmaster said...

Ha Ha Ha !
'Chairman Ma' - that's classic!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Marilyn said...

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