Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hi, it's me here, how are you? Are you there? Hellllooooo? Anyone, anyone at all? Ok I'm starting to feel like I'm addressing the void here. Are you all reading me and not commenting or did you get bored and go read dooce? Because no-one has commented on about my last 5 posts. Including my long essay about my close escape from a call centre. Which I thought you might be interested in. No? Ok - but tell me if I'm boring you to death.

There's no point in me warbling on about my latest MySpace discovery or that Citalopram is a big pile of steaming elephant poo if no-one's listening. I mean if I wanted a completely private space to vent I'd go buy one of those 5 year diaries with a padlock on it. So please comment! De-lurk. Let me know you are here. And to make it easy for you - here is the question du jour.

What is/was your other halves (past or present) most annoying habit? And - what did /do you do that you KNOW annoy(ed) the hell out of them, but you did/do it anyway because.

I'll tell you my answers. The Boy WILL NOT do the washing up unless I nag him about it. Repeatedly. And me? Naturally I have no annoying habits because I am practically perfect in every way. But the Boy does get irrationally upset about this one teeny tiny thing. The hot water taps is one of those annoying taps that you have to really turn off tightly, other wise it will merely pretend to be off, and then about 5 minutes later will dribble back on again. The Boy is constantly reprimanding me for not turning it off properly. Which y'know whatevs. So minor compared to the washing up.

PS. I am working here for a while. Go order yourself a wedding cake and maybe Mr Top Hat will keep me on beyond the agreed 'until the work runs out'


Anonymous Oh Dear, I'm in trouble said...

I don't read your Blog cos I am a man and by default that makes me inferior.

Besides, why aren't you in the kitchen making my dinner....

6:05 PM  
Anonymous FARTMASTER said...

Ahhh...good call. Is Mr. Top Hat still very ill?

8:17 PM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

I believe he is not too bad at the moment.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Fartmaster said...

"Whenever a man does the washing up, he feels he has finally defeated the enemy.
When a woman does it, she knows it is just another skirmish in the Hundred Years War."
~ Albanian Proverb

2:32 PM  

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