Friday, June 16, 2006

Prom Queens

Hic! Might have had a few too many Babychams with Titsy Galore this evening. hic hiic. Scuse me.

Am somewhat excited because this Saturday is the Communist State of Road we Used to Live On's bi-annual party. The theme is Geeks and Jocks which has been slightly amended to include Prom Queens. Well, we (Art Star, HeadGirl and I) have decided to amend it, and as we are all ex-inmates of the Communist State of... I think that that's allowed. And it means I get I to wear my fabulous 1950's party dress that looks like it's made from your Granny's chintz curtains. With a tiara. Oh Happy Day!

Plus, Art Star, the VP, the HeadGirl and Handsome Man are all coming in from London for the party, which makes it extra fun, as I haven't seen any of them, since, um. well it's been a while. (I might have been a bit desperately drunk the last time). Anyway, have laid in stocks of Gin and am contemplating the creation of some pleasantly exotic cocktails for the pre-ball drinks party. (do I sound like an alcoholic?)

Happy Birthday Student, you old fart/ young whippersnapper (delete as applicable)

Get better soon OwlLover. I am sending gin addled positive vibes your way. (man)


Anonymous flibbertygibbert said...

How does one be
"a bit desperately drunk?"


Incidentally, Ms. Blue in Bristol just spectacularly ripped arse. This is not unusual.
What is unusual is that I am sat in the Front room and she is in the kitchen.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

Darling, whilst I am prepared to post about the inmost workings of my damaged psyche for all peruse, I am not prepared for you to share the inmost workings of my arse with the world.

do remember that There Are Things I Could Tell...

12:40 AM  
Anonymous owllover said...

you don't want to know the inner most workings of mine at the moment...suffice to say that this morning, I turned green, started to sweat, panted for oxygen before almonst blacking out whilst sat on the toilet this morning! I hope I get better soon, this shit sucks!

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Student said...

urgh... was wonderful. thank you for coming. saw the sun come up. got in car. went to devon. lay on beach. recovered.

back to the real world. well, as real as it can be without leaking in from the cosmos.

9:06 PM  

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