Saturday, June 10, 2006


Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet the last few days, but nothing much has happened really. Found out I didn’t even make it to the interview stage for one of the jobs I applied for last week. Damn it! I could do that job with one hand behind my back.
I’ve also been suffering from oh… you know, the usual black cloud of depression that descends whenever I get rejected from anything. Because here’s the thing. I am reasonably intelligent. I have a degree, albeit in Fine Art. I am literate, articulate and I get on with people. Unless they are arseholes and then I don’t. But actually the pool of people I consider to be arseholes is fairly small. Most of the jobs I’m applying for are…not too challenging. I could do them. So why won’t anyone hire me?

The other issue is that I don’t want to be doing these boring office-y jobs. It’s not what I want to be doing with my life. But I’m not qualified for anything else. I’d love a challenging, fulfilling job not mention one that might pay me enough to enable the Boy and I to start thinking about buying a house. But would give me such a job? I’ve certainly applied for a few, but have I even made it to the interview stages? I have not. Usually because I don’t have the requisite experience or some other quality is required that I lack. It’s so frustrating, because actually I interview rather well. I can be fairly charming in person. Not that I think I can charm my way into a job, but I can give it a damn good try.


Blogger Amanda said...

what about more of a personal assistant type gig? that might be more your thing.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous owllover said...

Maybe it's because your heart is not in it, as you say, it's not really want you want to do..."The other issue is that I don’t want to be doing these boring office-y jobs. It’s not what I want to be doing with my life." - May sound like silly advice, and do tell me to keep my cakehole shut, but why don't you apply for something that you really want to do instead of wasting time on the jobs that you don't. Perhaps it's kismet that you aren't getting these positions because YOU do deserve better, something more challenging for yourself, as you say. Next time someone turns you down, and it's for a company that you wish to work for, offer your services for free and volunteer for a while, it'll certainly beat staying home and getting more frustrated, it's a great way to get you foot in the front door, and get some of that valuable experience, while keping an eye open for other positions. My fingers and my toes and my little owly wings are crossed for you bristol girl, keep at up and don't get down, YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATER THINGS. Your heart knows it - follow it.

12:44 AM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

Amanda, yes the PA thing - prolly could do it, might even enjoy it. Have applied for that sort of gig and been rejected though.

Owlie, thanks honey! i have been applying for the 'dream job' type thing too. but yada yada, not enough experience, bla blah whatevs. Hadn't thought of volunteering i must say.
As far as coming across like my hearts not in it - i spose thats a possibility- but thing is, I am not a bad actress and can fake enthusiasm for anything. ask the Boy, snigger.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous the 'boy' *....frown* said...

what owl lover said ;)

Even if you're doing something shit, you're only doing it whilst you find something un-shit....

7:09 PM  
Blogger Titsy Galore said...

Here here! Well said boys. Bristol Girl - you're a clever girl. You deserve a nice job and you'll have one soon enough. Think of the kind of thing you'd like to do and work out a way of worming your way in. It's a cliche, but if you want something bad enough you'll get it. If you can hold out with the odd bit of temping for another month or so then you could have another crack at BQ. Or use your sister. It worked for me!!! x

9:55 PM  

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