Friday, May 26, 2006


Because I am new to this whole blogging thing, I am a bit unsure about the whole privacy on the web issue. So far I’ve kept it anonymous, so if you don’t know me personally and haven’t had email that reads something along the lines of ‘Look! I started a Blog! It’s all about Me and how fabulous I am. Yay. Go and read it now! I command you. And comment! Commenting is important.’ then you don’t know my name. Annnd I think I’m going to keep it that way for the time being. I’m not sure why, there’s no special reason, and maybe I’ll reveal all soon. (Like you care.)

I’ve been referring to people by their initials, but I can tell already that that is going to annoy me. If I’m going to be anonymous then my friends and family get to be too. So I’m going to come with amusing nicknames for them. Well, amusing to me. If you know me and are reading this, you should be able to recognise yourself.

FrenchFancy goes out with OwlLover. I like them, they are very cool. And nice.

Honker is FrenchFancy’s brother. I like it when the Honker gets drunk and tells me about his girlfriends.

FishBoy is my partner.

The SlugKiller is the Queen of Vegetables. Her Partner is Fartilopocus. They live in the Country and sometimes the SlugKiller brings me fabulously delicious vegetables from her farm allotment.

The DomesticGoddess is my Bristol based sister. She is married to Dr Nice, they have two kids: BalletGirl and DinosaurBoy

MusicMan is Tinkerbell’s daddy

The VP goes out with CeramicsGirl. They live in London like the Honker and I don’t see them enough. I used to live with CeramicsGirl and me, her and HeadGirl used to spend hours yucking it up in the kitchen. Good times, good times. HeadGirl goes out with HandsomeMan

Lets see who else. Oh yes. GlamourGirl has spectacular boobies and lives in me and Fishboy’s old house- the Communist State of Road we used to Live On. She lives with the Boy Who Cannot Love and various other people who I don’t know that well. Apart from the WankStain who lived there when The FishBoy and I lived there and is an arsehole.

Oh and there is also CorporateCurls and her husband the Student. I used to work with both of them until we all came to our senses and quit that vile place of employ. It is nice to know that workfriends can become realfriends.

Other workfriends who are now realfriends are Blondie and SailingBoy.

Ok there are other people who need nicknames including the rest of my family. But I’m bored with this now and need to go to the supermarket. If you are offended by your nickname let me know and I might think about changing it. Or not.


Anonymous frenchFancy said...

I like my nickname, it's quite sexy!
I think one day when we're all together and drunk already, we should do a drinking game which would involve calling each other by our nicknames and if we get it wrong, we have to drink a glass of booze
Oh well, I know, maybe you should have nicknamed me Monica!
hee hee hee


8:28 PM  
Anonymous slugkiller said...

I would like your imaginary readers to know that I only kill slugs by drowning them in beer - a death I would not mind myself although I would prefer a large vat of local ale to cheap dutch lager

6:46 PM  
Anonymous fartilopocus said...

Hey, Bristol Girl, I like your blog so far, but my nickname is a bit rubbish considering my many talents. How about Belchmaster instead?

7:21 PM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

Hmmm. I have considered your request. It hs been DENIED. Fartilopocus you shall remain.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous fishboy said...

Honker is a work of genius ;)

11:22 PM  
Blogger Val said...

I am in awe of your nicknaming ability...
I'm so unimaginative, I use REAL NAMES in my blog...Uh-oh, where's my attorney?!?
I suppose I could nickname my hubby Eagle Scout (actually he was a Queen's Scout but I wouldn't want anyone to think I was impugning his sexual orientation), my son Master Chief, my ex Narcissus... Could be fun!

3:47 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

love my nickname too - think the drinking game would be fun frenchfancy. Whenever I meet up with you all, it's when we're drunk.....

11:08 AM  
Anonymous fishboy said...

I think Glamour girl should be called either :

Gert Stonkers or Brenda Funbags :B


11:08 PM  
Blogger Titsy Galore said...

Brenda Funbags? That's a good 'un!
I'm liking the new name too - after all I ain't very glamorous, much as I'd love to be.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Belchmaster said...

Glamour Girl should be Bristols Girl, no?

11:14 PM  
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