Wednesday, May 24, 2006


D just went out in the rain to buy the white wine for the risotto I'm making for supper. And came back with this. When I charmingly pointed out that it would be undrinkable, because hello! It doesn't even come in a wine bottle, it has a jam jar lid, he sulked and called me an evil witch with fingers of ice and talons for toes. (Well- wouldn't you?) Then he poured himself a glass and agreed that yes! it was indeed revolting. But then said that he thought I could use the bottle for a vase and thats why he bought it. Oh sweetie, you are sooo sweet. But:

Rule #1 when buying wine - do not go for anything in an weirdly shaped bottle. It will be vile. Also, avoid screwcaps.


Blogger Val said...

**Snort** -- ya gotta be kidding! Greetings from Bristol, TEXAS, Bristolgirl, I saw your comment on Pyg's Wife...I'm still mulling over my response to her unofficial TAT test.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

Hi Val

you have the honour of being my first and only (so far) commenter. Thanks for coming to visit and commenting.

Yes, goodness me, Pyg's wife. Puts your own problems in perspective doesn't it?

5:02 PM  
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