Wednesday, May 24, 2006

About Me

You know, having browsed around a few blogs now I’m always amazed at how uninformative the ‘About Me’ bit can be. Really? You love peanut butter and rainy days? Me too! But how old are you? Where do you live? Are you married? What kind of job do you do? Yeah, I’m aware you shouldn’t give too high a level of personal detail, because of the creepy internet stalkers with one hand in their pants (and that’s pants in the UK sense, Yankees.) But I’d love to know if you are 10 or 40. I mean, I just told you that I went on and then swiftly off anti-depressants. Now you get a basic level of personal information too! Aren’t you lucky, imaginary readers!

1. I’m 29
2. I live in Bristol (Gasps of disbelief from those who didn’t read the title of this blog. Yes, it’s a crap title, but I have no imagination and I couldn’t think of anything else)
3. I live with my partner the lovely D, who puts up with far more than he should have to and also makes me cups of tea without being asked. Which, from asking around, I gather is relatively rare in boys. I am a lucky girl.
4. I am currently unemployed which sucks the big fat one (see previous post) not for long I hope.
5. I have 4 sisters
6. I read a lot (Currently, Birds of America, Mary McCarthy and Saturday, Ian McEwan)
7. I went to Art School in the US, but that does NOT mean I know anything about art.
8. I love cooking food and drinking wine and some might say, I am rather good at both.
9. I smoked for quite a long time, but gave up last September, and I am So Much Better For It. 10. Roll on the total smoking ban I say.
11. I belong to the Badminton Widows Supper Club
12. We have dinner most weeks which is fun and we usually drink too much wine.
13. I love Radio 4
14. I lived in the US for nearly 10 years
15. Black Books is the greatest TV show ever made. I am in love with Dylan Moran and want to have his babies.
16. I like clothes and shoes but not in a ridiculous Sex in the City way.
17. I can be anal retentive. For example, if I am washing up, all the glasses have to be laid out to dry on a tea towel in neat rows By Type of Glass.
18. I loathe housework, but I do it anyway because I hate a dirty flat more.
19. I French kissed my friend O once in 2000 when we were really drunk. I like boys better even though she is really pretty and all the boys love her.
20. A pale greyish turquoisey blue is my favourite colour. D once asked if everything I owned was turquoise. No, but nearly.


Blogger Amanda said...

with you on number 4 and the one about Dylan Moran which doesn't have a number.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

Oh dear I didn't notice dylan didn't have number. Now he does.

12:29 PM  
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