Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Camping for You!

A beautiful sunny day today to make up for the last week or so of rain every day and gale force winds. It’s MAY. May. C’mon, I’m supposed to be wearing my sundresses and oversized sunglasses by now, not wondering if the global warming will get that much worse if I turn the heating on for hour because, dammit, it’s cold in here.*

I had mooted the idea of camping this weekend because 2 weeks ago when I suggested it, it WAS hot and sunny. But now? Now everything will be muddy and cold and horrid and No Way Am I Going Camping. I am not one of Nature’s outdoorsy people but D and I are skint and can’t afford a holiday this year. And camping is a nice way of meeting up with friends, walking in the fresh air, eyeballing cows and drinking cider in pubs. I only however, find it tolerable if the weather is somewhat nice. And by somewhat nice I mean blazing hot sunshine. So no camping. Are you disappointed imaginary readers? I could have come back with tales of beer and skittles and cows stampeding. Actually I have video footage somewhere of me being chased by cows. It’s hilarious. Am I going to put it up here? No, I have no idea where it is. I’m such a cow aren’t I?Pun intended.

My dear friend K and her new man J2 are coming for a flying visit tomorrow. Hurray for K! K lives in Austria, where she selfishly moved with her ex (J1) about oooh, 2 years ago. Leaving Me Without Her Company. I am very much looking forward to seeing her and giving my seal of approval to J2. I foresee hilarity (and hiccups) ensuing when we meet up tomorrow evening. I will post photos if they are amusing enough.

*No I didn’t turn the heating on. I buy Ecover everything have energysaver lightbulbs and Don’t Even Own a Car. The BG Household is Energy Conscious


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