Friday, June 02, 2006

Unemployment Update

I have an interview on Monday. Hurray! I shan't say where in case they hire me. I wouldn't want to get dooced.
I shall say however, that it's with a large organisation, the work looks as though it might be fun and that the pay is not great. Wish me luck!
I also have to go and do some vile temping job next week, but it's all money, a commodity in increasingly short supply around here.


Blogger Titsy Galore said...

Good luck! x

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Student said...

can't beleive you used the word 'dooced' in polite company. I shall be expecting 'all your bare are belong to us' references.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Student said...

...and that what happens when you get interrupted at 'work.'


'all your base are belong to us.'


but good luck, yes... you need things to do during the day.

9:14 AM  
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