Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lily Allen is Gurt Lush

I’ve just found Lily Allen who is apparently the latest MySpace discovery. Yawn. Bored though I am with MySpace and all its evil spawn, Lily is a gem. Boppy, poppy ska lite, she’s a middle class London girl with street and The Streets postures. The bling on her album cover is just a disguise – Lily is from Islington and you don’t get much more middle class than that. I should know, it’s where I’m from. Ahem. And yeah, I do live in Cotham, the Islington of Bristol. Once a nice girl, always a nice girl awriiight? So what if Lily is a bit posher than she makes out, it doesn’t make her album any less of a pleasure. And you’ve got to love the kid rhyming Tesco with al-fresco on LDN, the album’s most infectious tune and a charming paean to London in all it’s filthy glory. It's just begging to be played over a crap stereo while you laze in the park with a beer and an illegal barbeque. I love Alfie too, an exasperated elders sister's ticking off to her lazy, pot smoking brother. Lily Allen. The download of the summer.


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