Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Hot Heat II

Good grief! It's still really hot! Hurray! I love it actually, although it has been a bit too hot even for me on a few occasions. Top tips for keeping cool:

Wear a skirt. You too boys!
Cotton underwear. Save your nylon skank pants for winter
Drink lots of water. You can flavour it with Gin though.
Eat lots of fruit, fish and salad. Oh, I'm sooo healthy
Wear your shades and be cool, man. Even at night.
Sleep with only a sheet. Bizarrely the Boy still likes to sleep with our down filled duvet, which is just weird. I have the sheet only and our bed looks very odd.

How was you Ashton Court everyone? Did you get well and truly bladdered? I didn't! I was sensible this year and just as well! The Boy ahem, overindulged. Threw up everywhere and had to be dragged home by me. So I missed the Go Team! Nuts. But I saw The Smerins Anti Social Club. They were great weren't they? I had a lovely skank down the front all alone on Sunday and enjoyed myself immensely. I peed in the woods, had me a Pieminister Pie and generally revelled in the Ashton Courtness of it all.


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