Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm a bad, bad girl...

...because I have been neglecting my blaawwggg. Slap on the wrist for me and I promise to never, never do it again. Imagine someone just hit me across the nose with a rolled up newspaper. ~There. Now I am punished.

Anyway WHY have I been neglecting you, oh my faithful reader? (there's got to be only one left at this point) Because - did you notice? It's really damn hot. At least everyone keeps bitching about the heat, but I? I am made of Sterner Stuff. This heat? This is Nothing. NOTHING. For I have lived in the City of New York, which at this time of year is a simalcrum of hell. The heat is damp and even stretching to get another glass of ice coffee is too much damn work. You can break a sweat just standing up.

Okay it's not the heat. It's....I have an actual, proper job like! I'm proper, me! I have been working on a temporary basis for an organic food company for the last 2 weeks, and I am being taken on! Hurray. I am going to be running the office, sorting out the accounts, looking after the website AND I also get to do fun stuff like develop new product lines, marketing and general strategy. As you can tell it is a VERY small company. In fact there a 3 members of staff including me. We all pitch in and get whatever needs doing done. The owner is not above mopping the floors and neither am I, although he has confided to me that he'd like us to start making enough money to employ a cleaning lady soon. shouldn't be too much of a problem!

anyway! Yay for me! I am quite pleased with myself, can you tell?


Anonymous owllover said...

And a hot and sweaty handed shake of congratulations go to you, that's great news BG! Does it mean we can get a double discount on cake orders! Either way we shall have to celebrate when all becomes quiet and time free our end!

ps. back from hols and have lost half a stone from sweating it out on sauna like conditions on beach and in bed at both situations i wasn't even moving a muscle! apart form the occaional involuntary twitch!

happy happy happy wishes of success to you

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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