Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rain, rain go away

So, last night I came home to a completely weird message from Sailor Boy which effectively read: 'I am leaving for Edinburgh tomorrow and I may never come back.' Sailor Boy you are such drama queen 'I may never come back'. Oh please.

After much frantic phoning round various mates, none of whom had any idea either, I eventually tracked down the SB himself. Turns out he's been seconded by work to Edinburgh and is simultaneously trying to find a new job, which will probably be in London. And therefore his gingerness 'strawberry blondeness' is unlikely to be seen again in these parts. So we managed to scrape together a small group of SB fans and met for drinks at the White Lion, the suckitude of whose service I will discuss on Bristol Foodie. Best view in Bristol though.

Oh Christ what was the point of this post again? Really I must think these things through before applying hand to keyboard. Oh yes the SB is fucking off to Edinburgh. Well, enjoy it dear, and expect me and the Boy for a weekend in August for the festival. I will miss your gobsmackingly awful jokes and I forgive you for the time you completely failed to drive me to work because you'd decided to spend the day in London and had forgotten to tell me, leaving me stranded in Clifton without a paddle.


Anonymous Miss Wiggle said...

You SO need to get to Edinburgh early next week to visit Sailor Boy! I could meet up with you and him and see what pub life is like... educate the Californian.

If all goes as planned - which is quite iffy seeing as how so few of my summer plans have gone as planned - I'll be there. So, um, how about the 17th or 18th?

And maybe you can even show me some "good" food?

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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