Monday, October 23, 2006

Caif. Or. Ni A.

Here I come!

This will be my last post from the chilly shores of Blighty for a while, for tomorrow I am off to the sunny orange groves and rainbow love of California for a whole month.

Today I am doing boring things like packing, going to the bank and popping into M&S to buy Les Parents the super strong tea they prefer. It's impossible to buy proper tea in the States, unless you find a specialist shop. Go to any supermarket and they will have a whole aisle devoted to 'tea', but it's not real tea. It's usually hippy crap made of dried orange peel and rosehips. Box after box, in cutesy cardboard designs.

I do like cups of hippy toenail clippings to send me to sleep and after dinner. Chamomile is good for settling stomachs and peppermint is nice if you have a cold. But nowhere can you find an honest to goodness box of fermented black tea. I realise Fairtrade and Organic is probably too much to ask, but Christ! Does no-one drink PG Tips even?


Anonymous Miss Wiggle said...

You've come to CA and gone from CA.

I didn't even see any reports regarding terrible hostesses at sushi bars in SF or how cool the Supper Club is. People are going to think that Miss Wiggle has lost her edge.

Anyway - post-up dear!

6:50 PM  
Anonymous belchmaster said...

yeah, post up - gwan gwan gwan

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Miss Wiggle said...

Has something befallen our Sweet Bristol Girl? What is the latest? Did the mini mini phone from Hong Kong work with British Telcom? How did she spend New Year's Eve? What did Santa bring for Christmas?

Update, please!

3:32 PM  

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