Friday, October 20, 2006

I have The Mank

And the Mank has me.



Yes that's me, wheezing into a snot sodden hanky, peering at you with red rimmed eyes through a fringe of unwashed hair. Glamourous ain't I? I've spent the last few day lying on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself and drinking orange juice by the gallon and commanding The Boy:


'Yes, my snotty angel?'

'I may be Dying'

'Nobody ever died of a cold my darling'

'Can you go and buy me some OJ?'

'I would, but I've just got back from work, I'm knackered and I haven't sat down yet. And I have a tiny tickle in my throat'

'Oi! I'm the only one whose allowed to be ill round here'

'Right you are my love. I'll just walk 20 minutes to the shop that stocks the good OJ shall I?'

'I am ILL. You cannot guilt me'

..and off he went. Bless him.

I hope I recover in time to fly on Tuesday. Flying whilst suffering from The Mank is not to be recommended. Although flying whilst suffering from a killer hangover is even worse. Remind me to drink Nothing on monday night.


Anonymous Miss Wiggle said...

NO! Do NOT come to California with your plague! I do not want to be exposed to those funny talking germs.

Really, I do believe they will stop you in customs and quarantine you until you stop spewing out those little viral microbes that say, "'ello mate!" and ask for fags when they want to smoke instead of when they are boys prowling for boys.

I can see it now... Bristol Girl Brings Bacteria Back to the Bay: Millions sickened with Mega-Virus from UK - San Francisco Chronicle Headlines for next week.

Start sterilizing now, sister!

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Miss Wiggle said...

And I forgot - start in on the Hot Toddies. They are likely the only thing that will save you.

Much love!
Miss Wiggle

2:35 AM  
Blogger Blue in Bristol said...

I'm feeling better now, thanks for asking, Miss Wiggle.

2:31 PM  

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