Tuesday, July 06, 2010

June 18th 2011

Well, we finally have a date: June 18th 2011. Hurrah, at last, at last. People have been asking me for 6 months if we've 'set the date' yet, and I've been looking a bit shifty, scuffing the ground with my toe and muttering 'erm, no not yet'.

Why did it take so long? I'm not sure really. I wanted to get married this summer, but the boy thought this was too soon. September is almost entirely taken up with the events surrounding a friend's wedding and in October my sister the lawyer, AKA 12 Angry Wimmin is off to Zimbabwe for several months to terrify Mugabe into submission. So that brings us to the new year and bloody cold weather. May was considered and then rejected as my future mother in law (Dotty) claims it's bad luck to marry in May. Which brings us to..June. The classic month in which to marry. I must admit, I never considered myself as 'June Bride'. Just thinking of myself as a 'bride' makes me want to vomit a bit. But, it is a time of year I love, there are beautiful flowers, delicious things to eat are in season and most importantly, our venue does not charge any more.

Our venue is the lovely Square Club, which is a private members club in The Berkeley Square Hotel. I must admit, it was not my first choice but as my first choice was vetoed by the boy for complex reasons I don't understand ('the people that go there are all cunts') we settled for The Square Club. But the people that work there have all been very helpful and we went round there on Saturday for a tasting and to meet with the head chef. We also had a wine tasting, which I hadn't been expecting and ended up getting a bit hammered The chef seems to be pretty much on the same page us - local, organic, seasonal (shut up. Yes, we are yuppie twats) and sent us out some truly delicious food to try. Plus he admitted he'd overcooked the lamb when I extremely hesitantly pointed out that it was more 'done' than I like it. Which is pink as hell in the middle.

We also met our photographer, the very talented Mark Simmons. Who took this photo, which I think is hilarious.