Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, all about Weddings

Poor Boy, he is so tired of my wedding jibber jabber, as P over at What Possessed Me puts it. And I am sure my long suffering bridesmaids must feel the same. So I thought perhaps I could come here and obsess about weddings without annoying anyone too much.

A little background.. the boy and I have been happily living in sin for, ooh, nearly seven years. We've had many a discussion about marriage, but no-one was more surprised than me, when last New Years Eve, the boy romantically said:

'Fuck it, let's do it.'

'Are you sure' I asked (I think, I was quite drunk at the time)

'Yes' said he

'Whoopee!' sez I, or words to that effect.

Cue much snogging and declarations of love, which I feel I won't bore you with. There are even pictures (drunken, blurry pictures) which I may or may not upload. Depending on if I can find them.

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