Saturday, June 26, 2010

Frivolous in my Twenties, Essential in my Thirties

Inspired by a comment on this post over at Nothing But Bonfires  I started thinking about all the things I considered a waste of money or too frivolous in my twenties.

  • Movers. I always moved myself before. Now... Definitely not. My days of humping boxes up and down stairs are Ovah.

  • Taxis. The night bus just doesn't cut it any more. I don't want to wait for an hour to ride home with puke stained, half conscious teenagers.

  • Very expensive cocktails in very expensive bars. Yummy. And the floor of the loos isn't sticky.

  • Professional waxing. They can reach the places you can't. Nuff said.

  • Posh make-up. Ok, this one I still think is frivolous, but I have to admit, the more expensive brands are better.

  • Good quality clothes. Look, I still buy from H&M occasionally, but the higher end stuff is better quality and lasts longer. Christ, I'm turning into my mother.

  • A really good handbag. See above. Lasts forever.

More to come I'm sure. So, I know no-one is actually reading this, as abandoned this blog years ago, but if anyone does stumble across it, leave your list in the comments.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, all about Weddings

Poor Boy, he is so tired of my wedding jibber jabber, as P over at What Possessed Me puts it. And I am sure my long suffering bridesmaids must feel the same. So I thought perhaps I could come here and obsess about weddings without annoying anyone too much.

A little background.. the boy and I have been happily living in sin for, ooh, nearly seven years. We've had many a discussion about marriage, but no-one was more surprised than me, when last New Years Eve, the boy romantically said:

'Fuck it, let's do it.'

'Are you sure' I asked (I think, I was quite drunk at the time)

'Yes' said he

'Whoopee!' sez I, or words to that effect.

Cue much snogging and declarations of love, which I feel I won't bore you with. There are even pictures (drunken, blurry pictures) which I may or may not upload. Depending on if I can find them.

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I'd forgotten all about this 'ere blog, till my sister asked me to give her some the rude nicknames I'd used here for certain family members.

So what's new.. well I am gainfully employed and engaged! Yep that's right, the Boy and I will do The Deed June 18th 2011. Hurray! Am busy sorting the wedding out too, so perhaps this will become a wedding blog, who knows.